Welcome to My Practice

I am a London-based Psychotherapist, born and raised in Surrey, England. I am a Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and I have previously suffered from near-deadly depression, addiction and anxiety. Having hit my rock bottom in 2002, addicted and feeling hopeless, I began rebuilding my life by turning my mess into a situation whereby I could, through my experience, begin sharing the message of life with others.

In 2009, after being clean and sober for over seven years and with five years solid counselling training under my belt, I dedicated my life to helping other individuals build and work with their breakthrough strategies, to help and encourage them to be able to find their way through their own mental jungles. Over the years, I have developed a reputation for plugging into a unique combination of interpersonal psychoanalysis, mind-body stimulation and cognitive behavioural techniques, which helps me to diagnose my

There IS Light   —

clients in an ‘elaborate’ manner. My straightforward and supportive style typically assists them to make early progress.

These days I live in Wallington, Surrey UK and in my spare time, I love to relax by practising yoga and am very keen on expanding my regular meditation technique through body scans, ‘watching the breath’ and candle focus.

In my 10 years of counselling experience, I have worked with 100’s of patients from all walks of life, which has provided me with a deep insight and a practical view of the problems that people are facing in their ‘contemporary’ times, both personally and professionally. Whether it is depression due to lack of respect and recognition at work, death of a close family member or friend, emotional distress due to separation, addiction, hypersensitivity, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hyperactivity, sex addiction, loss of job, or just any other issue that affects mental health negatively.

My approach towards treating my clients is by deploying a combination of medical, mindfulness/meditation and counselling techniques, which collectively helps in bringing that much needed mental and physical balance. Irrespective of what kind of psychological issues my client is facing, I aim to revive them from their current positions in their lives and channel their negative energy to find it’s way out in a well-coordinated manner, infuse positivity, so bringing much-needed harmony to their lives.

For a comprehensive list of my trainings and counselling experiences please refer to my BACP listing.