Through practice over the years, I have become very familiar with and have been commended for, tailoring and combining therapies to best assist my clients’ needs.

In support of this approach, recent research and studies on the effectiveness of Therapy suggest and recommend that it is good practice for therapists to:

  • Tailor psychotherapy and counselling to specific client characteristics
  • Cultivate a respectful, empathic and collaborative therapeutic relationship that encourages honest feedback and sets agreed goals
  • Monitor clients’ responses to the therapy relationship and the treatment that patients are receiving
  • Use evidence-based treatments with evidence-based therapy relationships to obtain the best outcomes

The above has always been reflected in my approach to individual circumstances “By focusing on people’s personal strengths and resources, as well as on their concerns, needs and goals, in a systematic but emphatic manner, together with regular check-ins and feedback on progress, the likelihood of client improvement substantially increases and chances of their deterioration decreases”.