Client Testimonials

Over the years Martin Ollington has had the privilege of working with a great number of people needing help to regain their balance in life. These are just a few kind words from current and previous clients…

“Martin is an outstanding counsellor, whose approach, knowledge and ability to understand and work through your problems is excellent. He provides a safe, comfortable place to work through any issues you have without judgement and he understands and believes in what he practices. His help and guidance on my journey has been invaluable. Highly recommended”. (He adds in jest – “unfortunately Martin is a Crystal Palace fan but nobody is perfect”.)


Steve Newble, London, England March 2017
“When I first met Martin, my life was a complete mess.  I had been off work for months, hardly left the house, was depressed, lost, confused, let down by lack of any available help, and felt that I had nowhere left to go but down.
How wrong could I be.  Martin has changed my life, he is experienced in so many different areas of psychotherapy, counselling and CBT.  I have found his approach using the varying techniques very beneficial as he is able to structure sessions according to what I can cope with at that time.
Martin has encouraged and challenged me to explore getting help from outside organisations and given me the tools to accept and appreciate this help.
With his calm and supportive approach he is making me see where and why my problems have arisen and is helping me rebuild a different and better version of my life.
After only a few months, things are much more positive.  I am able to leave my home, I am back at work and coping well. I have established new relationships with family and friends, which with my greater understanding of my problems can only get better in the future.
In Martin I have found the help and support I so desperately needed, I know I still have a way to go on my journey, but perhaps best of all for me, I am starting to laugh and enjoy my life, something only a few months  ago, I never thought would be possible”
Trudi Fielder, London, England April 2017

“Martin is a highly  approachable and  professional counsellor.
He has  a caring and compassionate attitude towards his clients .
I can highly recommend him”.
Michael Cohen . MNCH (acc)
Accredited hypnotherapist and psychotherapist.



It has been an absolute joy to work with these folks and many others and I humbly look forward to being of service to many more in the future.

“Hi Martin

I wanted to say that thanks to our work together I am in a really good place at the moment. Thanks to your help, I have managed to exorcise a lot of demons!

If I am honest, I got much more out of our sessions that I ever thought I would. If I have a dip or feel I begin to revert back to my old ways I will pick up the phone straight away, which I would never have done before. Now I can get on with things on a daily basis.

You have been absolutely brilliant and you are a credit to your profession. I have been very lucky to have been able to see you because your help has been exactly what I needed.

Many thanks”.

Craig, Croydon, England May 2017

“I started seeing Martin in November as part of my course (Diploma in Counselling). I have learnt so much from him about effective Counselling and about the Person Centred approach in particular. I was very apprehensive about seeing a counsellor initially and viewed it as just another requirement of my course. In reality though I have grown so much as a result of these sessions, I have quit smoking and am much better at dealing with the stress and anxiety associated with everyday life. It has changed my view of counselling, no longer something just for people in real trauma but a very useful tool that anyone might avail of to help them make improvements in their lives.  Completing this Diploma has been difficult along with working full time; Martin has been most helpful and supportive on this journey.

Thank You Martin.”

Michael, London June 2017