The Quarelling Couple – Unconscious Behaviour

A couple’s relations can have a quickly changing dynamic and often, unconsciously, regular and often aggressive arguing comes about as a defense against disturbing behavior or experiences. Strong verbal interchange and hurtful language might well get used as an ‘attack is the best form of defense’ strategy for instance.

It is extremely helpful with recurring issues in a relationship which are by nature, either difficult to identify or otherwise too painful to go near, to refer to an experienced couples counsellor to provide a ‘balance’ to discussions in a ”safe’ environment.

As well as having worked with many couples during his counselling career Martin has recently completed an intensive, modern six-week ‘couples dynamics’ course. He will be happy to patiently help couples to work through issues over a series of sessions designed specifically for the couple, bearing in mind the nature of the complication.

By making a commitment to each other to work through issues, with regular attendance, often resolution can be found given some time.